Zero Usage Plans Now Available for Wireless LTE Failover

Zero Usage Plans Now Available for Wireless LTE Failover

By - September 10, 2018

Rather than your customers paying full price for a data plan they may rarely use, we offer a ZERO USAGE plan at a fraction of the cost of other providers’ plans. That’s a significant reduction in business expense.


If your customer experiences a failure with their primary internet connection our managed router automatically recognizes the failure and switches the connection to the AT&T LTE Wireless network. That keeps their revenue flowing and employees productive!


Though it’s completely seamless, you, your customer and Altaworx will be notified of the failure and switchover. During this period, Altaworx has a real-time view of the data consumption, and the router will automatically switch the connection back when the primary connection is up and running. Your customer only pays for the data they consume during failover. There are no overage charges. They simply pay the preset plan price for their level of consumption for that month. The next month, they return to their low-cost, ZERO USAGE PLAN. We completely eliminate wasted expense! Your customers will never overpay!


Contact us to learn more about this plan and how you can help your customers with zero usage plans for wireless LTE failover!