POTS Line Replacement Solution

Plain old telephone service (POTS) are the traditional phone lines that rely on physical copper wire for service. Did you know POTS are going away? Effective August 2022, providers are no longer required to sell new POTS lines and are not required to upkeep maintenance on POTS lines. This has led to a drop in services, increased monthly costs, and no support for millions of organizations across the country.

POTS Line Replacement Solution

How it works

Instead of replacing the entire existing infrastructure, Altaworx helps businesses convert their existing POTS lines over to LTE. This is an effective solution for any business that wants to future-proof their technology, reduce their monthly telecommunication costs and continue to use existing equipment. This requires no major investments and no costly downtime. Our solution supports alarm lines, modem lines, elevator lines, fax machines and more.

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Reduced Expenses

Reduces the overall costs associated with maintaining outdated POTS lines.


Easy and Fast to Deploy

Instead of replacing the entire infrastructure, our solution converts existing POTS lines over to LTE.


Maintain Service During Outages

Mission-critical devices can’t afford to go offline for even a second. A digital solution not only eliminates the variable of a physical connection point for copper lines, but may also contain a battery backup to keep communications running in all conditions.

Increased Uptime 
Our solution is much more reliable than traditional POTS Lines.


Improved Support and Monitoring
Due to rising costs, fewer companies will invest in the maintenance and upkeep of POTS Line systems. As support becomes harder to find, costs quickly rise.





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