Managed Internet Service

Managed Internet Service (MIS) is a premium internet connection dedicated to your business that provides data transfer at lightning speeds and is constantly monitored to ensure optimal performance. MIS is a proactive solution for keeping your internet running at optimal speeds and consistency while tracking disruptions or bottlenecks. Should an issue arise, our team is notified to keep your business protected.

Managed Internet Service

How it works

We provide a managed router to connect to the reliable AT&T fault tolerant 40 Gbps IP Backbone. With this managed router, Altaworx and AT&T constantly monitor and maintain your connection.


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Internet service is constantly monitored allowing for fast-acting support and solutions should there be slowdowns or disruptions.


Dedicated Connection

Internet service is dedicated and not shared with other businesses.



Low latency and high performance for high priority traffic with optimum download & upload speeds.


Scalable bandwidth options that support branch offices up to large corporate offices.



Best foundation for adding services like voice, video or cloud.



Industry-leading service agreements that provide 100% service availability, 100% data delivery, and roundtrip latency of 37ms (U.S. and Domestic)

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