IoT Private LTE Network

Create security in your network with Altaworx’s IoT Private LTE Network. Our solution is a Private 5G LTE network that provides businesses with the speed, security, device connectivity and mobility needed to process data efficiently and securely. With Altaworx IoT Private LTE Network, your line-of-business operations and employees can connect to the network from more places, while keeping IT firmly in control of management and security. This helps extend your core computing network farther, faster and more easily.

IoT Private LTE Network

How it works

Data is transmitted from the IoT device over a secure carrier private connection/network to be routed back to the client’s destination of choice. When utilizing the private network, sensitive data is not transmitted over public internet.





Ease of Use

Altaworx provides the connectivity and builds and maintains your network.


Ease of Management

Clients can quickly and easily manage private mobile networks for enterprise customers through the automation capabilities of cloud management portal, AMOP.


Lower Overall Costs 
Using AMOP's optimization algorithm, your data consumption can be easily monitored to reduce overages.


Secured Data

Transmit sensitive information including HIPPA, CC processing and more without concern of data breech.


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