IoT Connectivity

Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity is what allows devices and machines to communicate and share data. Due to the rapid growth of IP networks, machine to machine communication is faster and easier than ever to incorporate into your business operations. IoT connectivity options are used by a variety of industries including banking, transportation, oil, healthcare and public utilities.

IoT Connectivity

How it works

 Utilizing certified devices on the AT&T Global Network, IoT connectivity options can help turn data into information to help your business.






Streamline business processes and scale faster using a powerful automation engine to program and control your devices. Monitor your connected devices and trigger actions to run automatically when critical events occur.


Management Platform

Jasper Platform to manage SIMs real-time with messaging and alerts.



Analyze and control how your devices work in the field so you can respond immediately to market conditions and customers’ needs. AT&T's Control Center makes it easy by giving you a unique, real-time view of how your devices are connecting to and using the AT&T network across all points of connection.

Strategic Insight

Manage your connected devices for maximum efficiency. Use diagnostic and analytic tools to monitor lifecycle performance, device provisioning status, network signaling history, connection history and events with a timeline view.


Billing Simplicity

White label and custom billing services.


Quick Deployment

Optimized fast deployment via the Altaworx Private APN (AT&T Private Networks) and data center.

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