IoT Billing Incubator

The Altaworx IoT Billing Incubator is a service that enables businesses to monetize their IoT product and get it to market quickly. Don’t let the business technicalities hinder your business plans. Our cloud-based billing platform receives ACH or credit card transactions and allows for setup of recurring and non-recurring billing for your product. Utilizing this service from Altaworx also eliminates the need to register with federal, state or local taxing authorities. Your business will have ongoing support for seamless connectivity along with our knowledgeable advice.


MVNI Certified Incubator

IoT Billing Incubator

How it works

Our team works with your business to put a system in place to invoice your customers, collect receivables, and stay in compliance with regulatory taxes & fees.


iot billing

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Fine-tune your brand and product, letting Altaworx help build your business.


No Billing Confusion

Our billing platform allows for outgoing bills to be branded with your business logo.


Quick Turnaround

Fast and easy setup reducing costs for startup companies and getting your product to market faster.



Integrated with Cisco/Jasper M2M Platform for usage billing.

Business Setup

No need to register with state, federal and local taxing authorities. All compliance and tax payments are included in the Billing Incubator. Includes Exemptions, Taxation, and Compliance provided by GSA (The only SSAE certified Telecom compliance company in the US). Proper taxation and compliance services ensure your product from future tax liabilities which can reduce the value of your company.


Future Outlook

Provides a tax record database on future due diligence audits when merging or selling a company.

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