Fleet & Asset Tracking

Fleet and asset tracking can help businesses be more productive and cost-effective. Through GPS technology combined with the wireless LTE network, fleet and asset tracking gives companies the ability to manage fuel costs, fine-tune shipment scheduling, schedule fleet maintenance and increase customer satisfaction with intuitive web-based applications.

Fleet & Asset Tracking

How it works

GPS technology tracks a companies fleet and allows for accurate reporting and analytics through our web-based applications, including Fleetilla.


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Cost Effective Optimization

Intelligent dispatching optimizes routes and eliminates unauthorized stops saving time, labor, and fuel costs.



Real-time wireless data and automatic reporting of vehicle status to help identify when to schedule routine maintenance.



Improve safety by monitoring aggressive driving behavior and speeding.

Customer Service

Knowing where vehicles are at all times allows for better tracking of deliveries and for routing the closest vehicle to new service calls. Managing your fleet is easy through our fleet tracking portal.


Theft Deterrent

GPS tracking allows you to know where your vehicle is in case of theft.




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