ANIRA or AT&T Network-Based IP VPN Remote Access is a remote access solution that keeps you connected with your business from wherever you may be. With employees spread out across cities or even in different states, the integration of devices, applications and services for on-site workers and remote workers within the same network is critical. ANIRA makes business continuity possible by providing secure access to business applications regardless of location or device. All this is made available through secure narrowband or broadband access to the VPN for traveling users via AT&T Global Network Client.


How it works

Networking on a Global Scale ANIRA enables you to subscribe to hybrid VPN solutions based on IPSec and Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) – thus providing the best that both technologies have to offer – in a single, highly secure solution managed by AT&T.



Single Solution for Remote Access

Access business applications, resources, intranets or extranet(s), across any device—computer, smartphone or tablet—from anywhere.



IPSec and Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) enables ubiquitous IP access, which is probably the single most important characteristic of a VPN.



Connects your device with a single click for real-time access to critical company resources.


Ideal for telecommuters and remote staff in an office setting. When work moves elsewhere or includes being mobile, ANIRA provides fast connections via wireless or Wi-Fi to a range of mobile devices extending the reach of your corporate VPN.


Remote access to your VPN including simultaneous access to the Internet.

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