• Internet outages can create a negative impact on your business. Calculate your lost revenue due to internet failure.

    What’s my risk?

  • Time is money. Speaking of time, how many total hours does your business operate in a year?

    There are 2,080 hours for a typical 8am – 5pm, Monday – Friday business.

  • Of those hours, how many total hours of internet downtime have you experienced in the last year?

    A typical business will experience about 14 hours of internet downtime annually.

  • Any downtime is frustrating. Staying connected is a must. What percentage of your business relies on an active internet connection?

    A high percentage means you can’t complete any transactions, will lose clients and have angry customers.

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  • We’ve only just met, but this final question is crucial to estimate the impact. What is your yearly revenue?

    A typical business loses a yearly avg. of $6,730 from internet downtime.

  • Thank you for your time.

    Your yearly revenue lost to internet downtime is

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