What is the best App for using your Hosted Exchange Services?

The best app is Microsoft Preview – available on Android Google Play or iOS iTunes store.  This app gives you the best functionality for managing your Echange E-mail box and best of all, it’s free.


How do I import my contacts into my Yealink phone?

  1. Use Microsoft Outlook or your default e-mail program to export your contacts to a csv file.
  2. Make sure to remove all special characters from the phone number fields including ( ) – and spaces.  You can do this in Excel by performing a Find and Replace command on the entire columns.
  3. Login into your Yealink phone by browsing to the IP address of your phone.  You can find the IP address by pressing the OK button on the phone.
  4. Once you have logged into your phone, choose Directory from the top menu.  Under Import Local Directory, choose the browse button above the Import CSV button.
  5. Choose the csv file from your computer to upload.
  6. Press the Import CSV button.
  7. In the column headers for Index, choose the drop down and select the header that describes the data you want to import into each column
  8. Press Import and you are all done.


How do I access my voice mail options?

  1. Press the message (or envelope) key on the phone and it will dial your voice mailbox, or dial *97
  2. a) Enter your password
  3. b) Press 0
  4. Options
  5. a) Press 1 to record unavailable message
  6. b) Press 2 to record busy message
  7. c) Press 3 to record your name
  8. d) Press 4 to set a temporary greeting (i.e. Holiday greeting for Thanksgiving or Christmas). *** Please note the temporary greeting will over-ride the unavailable and busy message greetings, until the temporary greeting is disabled.
  9. e) Press 5 to change password