Case Studies

Industry: School Bus Ridership Tracking Technology

This case study examines the struggle of finding a reliable device that meets all your needs. This company wanted SIMs for their school buses and required reliable LTE wireless connectivity, but they soon found out the SIMs offered low cost and unlimited data but spotty coverage.  In addition, public wireless SIMs did not offer protection for the sensitive student data that was being transmitted by the application. Download this case study to see the solutions Altaworx provided to help the students and the business. 

Industry: Oil and Gas

The Oil & Gas industry had a need for secure M2M SIM connectivity for their oil and gas monitoring solutions. The SIM connectivity utilized the public internet to transmit data to their data center. This method of data transmission exposed their monitoring devices and network to potential security threats. Download this case study to see the solutions Altaworx provided to protect the data of this client.

Industry: Sub-Prime Auto Loan Industry

The client developed a GPS tracking application that is customized for the subprime auto loan market. They focus on helping dealerships track and retrieve vehicles that are in default or have been stolen. Download this case study to see how Altaworx provided a way to manage all of the SIMs this company required.

Industry: Non-Profit Agency

This company had two separate locations that were connected via a point-to-point T1. They utilized an IP PBX at their corporate site for voice service. Their second site was also connected to the IP PBX via the point-to-point circuit. The need was for reliable service that was easy to install, manage, and flexible for continued growth
opportunities. Download this case study to see how Altaworx provided reliable service that fit the needs of this company.

Industry: Utility Grade Backup Generators

This company needed a secure M2M SIM to remotely monitor the Utility Grade Backup Generators they install and support for their clients. Download this case study to see the solution Altaworx provided to protect there system during the data transmission process.

Industry: Premium Auto Part Manufacturer

At the time this company was purchased, their wide area network was not sufficient enough to support the growing voice and data needs of the company. All of the locations were being serviced with bonded T-1’s. Download this case study to see the upgrade that Altaworx provided so they did not have growing pains as the company expanded.