Altaworx Partner Program

Altaworx provides our partners with a customer experience that is above and beyond. Our voice, data, mobile, wireless and IoT services, backed by AT&T, give our partners a vast portfolio when providing solutions for their customers’ business. We make working with us simple by assisting our partners with the setup process, and by having an in-house team of knowledgeable, responsive experts available around-the-clock to resolve requests as they arise. Together with our partners, we deliver a range of individualized, ongoing support, from quotes and pricing to sales expertise to pre-configurations to monthly contracts and much more.



Evergreen Commissions

Recurring commissions are paid to you for as long as your customer is under contract, even if you are no longer a partner. Use our Evergreen Commission Calculator to see how we compare to traditional commission structure.



Superior Customer Service

Our in-house team of knowledgeable, responsive experts are available around-the-clock to respond quickly and provide the fastest resolution possible.



Reduced Customer Service Time

We troubleshoot outages, installation issues, contact multiple providers for multiple locations, keep track of circuit ID’s and billing telephone numbers. This saves your company time and money. If your customer has a maintenance contract with you, this reduces the time you spend working on things you don’t get paid for.



AT&T Backing

Altaworx is a member of the AT&T Partner Exchange Program giving us, and our customers, access to the most reliable network and widest variety of solutions to meet every possible business need. There’s also access to AT&T provided and dedicated teams for sales, troubleshooting and engineering support.



One Call, Full Responsibility

Single point of contact for each element of your communication solution. We take responsibility end-to-end, eliminating the hassle of multiple calls for support, long hold times and finger pointing between providers.



Highly Recognized

For five years in a row, we have received the AT&T Alliance Channel Solution Provider Champions award, given only to the most trusted and productive AT&T partners. We were also the first member of AT&T’s Partner Exchange program and the first to reach Platinum Status as a top provider.




Your channel manager will visit you and your staff on a monthly basis to discuss new product and trends as they relate to emerging technologies in the wired, wireless and UCaaS industries. We also place an importance on training our partners on sales and installation techniques.



Salesforce/Axiom Seat

Our partners receive access to the Sales Force Automation program as well as integration with the Axiom Salesforce Development on-line sales training.