Altaworx talks IoT Strategies in Florida at the ITExpo and the IoT Evolution Expo

Altaworx talks IoT Strategies in Florida at the ITExpo and the IoT Evolution Expo

By Stephanie Durkac - January 30, 2019

Fort Lauderdale, FL., Jan 30, 2019 – Altaworx CEO, Rickie Richey, is taking the stage this week at the IoT Evolution Expo to help explain IoT strategies and how ‘Getting in Front of IoT’s Back End Systems’ will better propel businesses without the hassle of configuration and billing. Altaworx wants to help companies monetize and scale with ease by introducing simple business solutions such as Catapult.

Catapult by Altaworx is a custom service that integrates a proven billing platform, enabling businesses to monetize its IoT product or telecom solutions by getting them to market quickly. Catapult enables businesses to offer communication services while having a fully integrated billing and customer management platform without the regulatory tax compliance obstacles that can hinder a company’s long-term plans. With Catapult, Altaworx works with businesses to put a system in place to invoice customers, collect receivables, and maintain compliance with taxes and fees.

Simultaneously the ITExpo will be filled with over 100 exhibitors to further your experience this week with its collated event. Altaworx will also make an appearance at this buzzing event by taking the time to reach out to potential business and company partners.

For attendees of both the Iot Evolution Expo and the ITExpo, you can learn more about Altaworx by visiting the Exhibit Hall at the Broward County Convention Center. They will be shaking hands and dueling out information at both the booth (726) and GSA booth (729) through February 1, 2019. To request a consultation, contact Altaworx at or Click Here