Altaworx Now Offers Sophisticated Support to Help Monetize New IoT Products Getting Them to Market with Speed

Altaworx Now Offers Sophisticated Support to Help Monetize New IoT Products Getting Them to Market with Speed

By - January 25, 2018

Altaworx is an IoT connectivity provider that has been catering to the IoT market since 2015. Having data centers in Atlanta and Dallas, Altaworx currently works with more than 300 clients ranging from small businesses to municipalities and universities, with a core focus on IoT. Altaworx makes use of the most robust technology available, therefore positioning themselves as a strong and sturdy communication bridge for providing mobile data connectivity for embedded devices.


Altaworx released its newest offering over the summer, the IoT Billing Incubator; a cloud-based billing platform for recurring and non-recurring billing. Ideal for startup companies, this solution enables new ventures to build their brand while building their business. The Altaworx IoT Billing Incubator is a service that empowers businesses to monetize their IoT product and get it to market quickly. As an added plus, it’s directly integrated with the Cisco/Jasper M2M Platform for usage billing. The service is a 3-legged stool of sorts, meaning; startup companies need three essential elements to get up and running; Connectivity for IoT, a billing platform for their customers, and compliance. Compliance is a key player as it protects the value of the business. There’s no need to register with state, federal and local taxing authorities. All compliance and tax payments are included in the Billing Incubator. Taxation technicalities can sometimes hinder long-term plans for startup companies.  With exemptions, compliance and taxation provided by GSA (The only SSAE certified Telecom compliance company in the US), proper measures are taken to ensure new businesses are protected from future tax liabilities, thus allowing startups to focus their attention on fine-tuning their brand and building their product.


The cloud-based billing platform receives ACH or credit card transactions and allows for setup of recurring and non-recurring billing for a product. New owners/operators will have one less thing to lose sleep over knowing their business is powered by Altaworx’s reliable network. Additionally, the Altaworx IoT Billing Incubator provides a tax record database on future due diligence audits when merging or selling a company. The business will have ongoing support for seamless connectivity along with expert advice.


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