Altaworx Debuts All-in-One SaaS Solution Dedicated to Helping Companies Monetize and Scale with Ease

Altaworx Debuts All-in-One SaaS Solution Dedicated to Helping Companies Monetize and Scale with Ease

By Rachel Ewing - April 23, 2018


Fairhope, AL., Apr. 18, 2018 — This week, Altaworx joins companies from all over the world in Las Vegas, NV for the Channel Partners Conference and Expo, an annual event for the Technology Services community. At the event, Altaworx will announce their new Software as a Service (SaaS) platform – designed to help companies expand and get to market with speed.


In 2017, Altaworx, a top innovator in sophisticated communications, saw an opportunity for massive growth in the technology services industry. Since not all companies are equipped with the necessary tools required to keep up with such a fast-growing market, Altaworx came up with an agile system to help companies of all sizes expand with scale in ease.


Catapult by Altaworx is a custom service that integrates a proven billing platform, enabling businesses to monetize its IoT product or telecom solutions by getting them to market quickly. Catapult enables businesses to offer communication services while having a fully integrated billing and customer management platform without the regulatory tax compliance obstacles that can hinder a company’s long-term plans. With Catapult, Altaworx works with businesses to put a system in place to invoice customers, collect receivables, and maintain compliance with taxes and fees.


“We’ve seen the barriers regulatory and tax obligations have on entering a market and growing your business. Catapult allows us to help businesses safely flourish their product quickly and with less overhead, while also giving them the opportunity to gain a competitive advantage through connectivity and increased business intelligence,” says Altaworx CEO, Rickie Richey.


With the new platform, service providers can enjoy an all-in-one solution for communication services, sophisticated billing, and hassle-free tax compliance.


Channel Partner Conference and Expo attendees can learn more about Altaworx by visiting The Venetian & Sands Expo Center booth number 7049 beginning April 17 through 20, 2018. To request a consultation, contact Altaworx at or Click here.