Altaworx and IoT Innvoation

Altaworx and IoT Innvoation

By Stephanie Durkac - February 27, 2019

CEO and Founder of Altaworx, Rickie Richey, talks shop about the complexity of Billing and Taxation in IoT as well as the vital role of the Integrator.

Here are some points Rickie makes in the video below about other companies, how they charge their customers, and how Altaworx does it better.

“They sell people data they don’t use and they hit you with overages when you do use it…There has to be a fundamental change!”

“We have a Zero K Plan…we mimic that by charging our customers by what they use…bill us what we use!!”

The Role of the Integrator in IoT from James Brehm & Associates on Vimeo.